I'm a killer, killing for fun...


Eu queria que minha juventude durasse pra sempre, mas isso não acontece, então vivo um dia de cada vez sem me preocupar com o depois ...

Happy fucking birthday Tim

Happy fucking birthday Tim

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garbage + lead singles



Disney Villains Week - Favorite Outfit

The design for Maleficent's clothes occurred to Davis when he was looking through a book on Medieval art; one of the manuscript images featured a religious figure with long robes, the ends of which resembled flames. Davis incorporated this into Maleficent's final design. [xEarly designs feature Maleficent's signature dress in red instead of purple. 
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 Sleeping Sun

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guys this movie is 5 years old already wow i remember 2009 like it was just yesterday! seriously the best year of my life

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Amy Lee and her son Jack Lion Hartzler ♥ 


Amy Lee and her son Jack Lion Hartzler ♥ 

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